Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Let's try this again...

So I started blogging a while back and then wasn't so pleased with my rants... Initially I thought it would be good to vent by writing because some of my feelings I can't really share with people I know as they'll easily be misinterpreted and/or be taken as offensive... I thought the blogosphere would be safe since nobody I know or nobody at all really seems to actually read my stuff. But you never know, so I deleted one post in particular and hadn't really written anything in 6 months.
Anyway I have kept reading other blogs and figured I'd give this another shot.

So its September 1st and I'm feeling pretty hopeful about the next few months and especially about next year. I'm finally feeling like my relationship is moving forward. I never thought I would be the type to give a dude the ultimatum, but I kinda did. So I'm not engaged yet, and actually I'm not so concerned with being engaged at all. But We do have plans to move in together no later than January, and probably getting married about 6 months later. It will be difficult financially since he does not currently have a job, and I don't make very much. But it will be oh so worth it. I'm happier with the simple thought of having that to look forward to. We currently both live at home but when we get time alone its awesome! I am absolutely un-domestic but I will learn and do my best (luckily he isn't picky about what he eats).

In other news, today I will be taking my final for an online accounting class I'm currently enrolled in. This is the last in a series of classes that I've been taking for the sake of obtaining a 'certificate' in Business Management. I hope this will do me some good in eventually getting a better job. I like my job, but I think I can do better. It would be nice to stay in the same company but be challenged, and make more money of course. These days I'm glad to have a job at all. So I will wait my turn for bigger and better things.

I'm looking forward to the long weekend, reading for leisure, watching movies, taking walks with my doggie, having some nice meals and cuddling.

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