Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm Engaged!

Blogosphere... you are the first to know.
BF and I are now engaged. We went away this weekend and he gave me a ring...
He wants to talk to my parents before I start wearing the ring, and it's too big anyway so we need to either resize it or trade it in (i'm leaning towards trade)

This has been a long time coming, and although we have problems like all relationships, we are planning on working through them and spending the rest of our lives together.

We wont be planning an actual wedding for quite some time, if at all. We'll start by moving in together sometime in the next year and take it from there. It's reassurance that I'm more to him than just a 'girlfriend'.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Jerseycentric Boob Tube Babble

Good Morning All!

Remember I shared that since I'm super frugal I don't want to pay for cable at my new place?

Don't fret, I'm still able to stay current thanks to the cable & DVR at my mom's house. The parentals are on vacay this week so I've been staying at there to tend to my oh so high maintenance dog. (she's on a schedule for thyroid & liver disease meds and she's just not used to spending too much time alone)

Well This week's stay luckily coincides with the premieres of RH New Jersey & Jerseylicious.

Let's discuss...

NJ might be my fave housewives show, they are just so entertaining. So we have two new cast members and they are Teresa's relatives that she doesn't get along with. It seems to me like the women featured on these shows stop being "real" somewhere along the line. Caroline keeps it pretty real, but Jacqueline and Teresa and most of the women in the other cities get caught up in their pseudo celebriti-ness. Anyway, to me that seems to be the issue between Teresa and her family. Although I also suspect good old fashioned greed to be at the root of it. Greed for money and greed for fame and attention.

Maybe there is some sort of business partnership gone bad between Teresa's brother & husband. Her brother seems really jealous of the relationship between his father and Joe Guidice. This will all be pretty interesting.

Meanwhile, Caroline Manzo's boys are moving out. EEEEK!! She wants to die! How old are they? Alot of people might think this is odd, but I'm Mexican so I can relate. Lots of us stay in our parents house until we get married. Actually even then alot of people move their new spouse in with their parents.

The same issue came up on the Jerseylicious reunion.

Vivica Fox was hosting and asked Filipo & Lorenzo why they still live at home... I forgot what they said exactly but it was something along the lines of they like being taken care of. Then, Anthony mentioned he bought a house that connects to his mother's house. Tracy chimed in and said all her family live on the same block. Alexa, said "what is this? Everybody Loves Raymond?". I also love that show, btw.

Again, people may think it's odd but I totally get it! I guess that's something Italians & Mexican's have in common. Very very close families. Even if we are all annoyed by each other we can't go too long without spending time together. At least that's my experience and my opinion.

And I was so shocked about Gigi & Frankie not being together?? How did that happen? why!!
I wasn't as super sad about it as Vivica, but still.
At one point they were talking about haters online bashing some of the cast members. I figure any public figure deals with this but just now as I was searching for pictures to include in my post I saw some really nasty comments on the Style network site. Style should really monitor that and delete the inapporpriate things.

So that is my current boob tube update, I'm looking forward to see the drama on both these Jersey shows this season.
Go to the link up to what everybody else is watching... and Happy Weekend to all!

*Images from Google

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Joining Link ups will keep my posting more regularly
This is from Perfectly Imperfect

Current Book(s):
The Four Ms. Bradwells... haven't actually started yet but it's our first book club pick
Inspirations: Selections from Classic Literature
Also my therapist recommended The Five Love Languages so I'll be picking that up soon

Current Playlist:
Mary J. Blige playlist on Pandora

Current Color:

Current Drink:

Current Food:
A train mishap ruined my plans of meeting up w/BF for lunch :( so I grabbed a tuna sandwich instead

Current Favorite Show:
Mad Men!

Current Wishlist:
A new TV
smartphone (finally!!)
new sandals maybe these, but they're so expensive!
for my bookcase and TV cart to be built

Current Needs:
I need (& deserve) a promotion

Current Triumphs:
signing up for an aerobics class, next step... actually show up!

Current Bane(s) of my Existence:
hmmm well not quite current (yet, thank God) but I'm sure fireworks will start soon and they make my poor pup very scared & anxious I HATE it, and seriously they go on for months in my neighborhood

Current Celebrity Crush:
Paul Rudd, I just saw "How Do You Know" the other day... he is adorable (but akward) in it

Current #1 Blessing:
My health and that of my loved ones

Current Indulgence:
I may have some ice cream this evening

Current Outfit:
brown slacks from JCPenney, aqua & white striped sweater from Target and my everyday work shoes: crocs ballet flats

Current Excitement:
Memorial weekend trip with BF to Sedona, AZ

Current Mood:

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Take a Peek

I don't take enough pictures ever, and I realize my blog is a total bore compared to most others that I follow. So I figured I'd do a post to let you have a peek into my life. These pictures are all sort of old but I'll try to make it a point to take more from now on and share.

In no particular order...

BF and I summer '08

My cousin, like a sister to me. Too bad she lives 5 hours away...

I love volunteering, I've been participating in the Revlon walk for the last 4 years.

My fave comedian is Nick Swardson, it may not show in the pic but I was super excited to meet him.

BF and I at my first opening day Dodger game, 2008. We love sports, especially baseball. I just went to my first game of the season last night. It was Clayton Kershaw bobblehead night.

My precious pup Crisp, she gets her hair did on the regular. Those pretty bows don't last long on her head though. Sometimes as soon as we walk out of Petsmart one is missing.

BF and I at a wedding in Spring '08

This is the most recent of all the pics and it's a year old already. BF got his masters degree in real estate development from ASU in 2009.

Oh it's Crisp again, we go short on her hair for the summers.

Longish/keep it naturally shaggy the rest of the time (grooming is expensive).

So there you have it, a peek into my life. I'll try to stay current.

Meanwhile, I couldn't get any pics into my man candy monday post... wierd. So I didn't publish :(

I'll try again next week.

Friday, May 13, 2011

I Confess

I confess that I'm super frugal! Moreso than necessary. I've been resisting the extra expense of a smart phone because usually either at home or work or even at BFs house there is internet access. Can I afford it? absolutely! And soon I will convert.

Since I moved about a month ago, I haven't set up internet or cable at my new place. Yesterday I downloaded and started playing words with friends on my iPod touch. so much fun! I wished for a smart phone to keep up with my games when I wasn't near an internet signal. My contract with Verizon is ending in early June. Since BF is with Tmobile and I talk to him the most, I had been thinking about switching over, but I'm not so sure about their service.
I'm a little confused about the rules for words with friends... alot of times it rejects my attempts at a word, I don't know if it's because of placement or what. And people use some words I've never heard of! Do they use dictionaries? Either way, I'm into it. My username is clawgv if you want to play.

I also confess that I've been a total dud for too long. For a long time, it seemed like I had lost touch with all my friends. I would get discouraged when plans fell through and have a pity party thinking nobody liked me. Lately, I've been pretty busy first with moving, and then either volunteering or work on the weekends, family events and time with BF, but I'm really trying to arrange dates with friends. Its pretty lame when somebody doesn't have their own life outside of a relationship and I'm guilty of doing that for too long.
So on that note, I have plans to meet a friend after work to watch Something Borrowed. I'm so excited for this. Also, we have started a book club and chose "The Four Ms. Bradwells".
Tomorrow I'm supposed to hang with a friend after work. I hope BF doesn't feel too neglected :/

I hope everyone has a great weekend and stay tuned for my man candy post on Monday, I already chose my subject.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Man Candy Monday - Manolo Cardona

Good Morning friends!
Like I mentioned I have a special treat. Manolo Cardona maybe unknown to most of you but he is definitley man candy or as we say in spanish "taco de ojo"
His look is different depending on the TV show or movie, so in particular I think he is hottest on the Spanish soap opera "El Cartel de los Sapos"
Feast your eyes on this:

who me? yes you!

This 'novela' is about a Colombian drug cartel that Manolo's character Martin is a part of. Here, he is probably thinking about the dilemmas that come with a life of crime.

I don't know how to add video but click here if you are interested in seeing the man candy in action

So there you have it, my contribution to man candy monday. Enjoy.

He has ventured into American film work with Beverly Hills Chihuahua, but I'm not too fond of his look in that movie so the only pictures I'm posting are of him in El Cartel. I think that is his best look. Perhaps I have a thing for bad boys.

**Images from google