Friday, April 29, 2011

Busy Weekend Ahead

Greetings Interweb peeps,
This is what I've got going on this weekend:
Tomorrow I'm going to be confirmed in the Catholic Church. Its one of the sacraments.
I'm a little late. Most people do this (if they do it at all) in high school. But I'm glad I waited. It means more to me now. Honestly, back then I decided to wait because the teen classes are two years and I knew adults could do it faster (about 3 months). But also I feel like back then alot of kids do it just because that's what's expected or becuase everybody else is doing it. Regardless, I'm glad and I feel I've learned alot and will continue to grow spiritually.

I was expecting to wear a robe type thing for the ceremony (kinda like a graduation gown) and just this week I learned that those plans have changed. So now I needed a nice, church appropriate outfit. I'm the rare girl that doesn't exactly like shopping. Especially when I need something for a specific event its a drag! I prefer to shop online. But anyway I was in a bind so I went to the H&M nearby, no luck. I decided to check out other stores in that shopping center (Citadel in Commerce, CA) and actually scored at Charlotte Russe. I got a dress and a thin wrap/long sleave cardi sweater type thing for $16... woah! I don't love the dress but its good enough for the short amount of time I had to figure this out. I don't want to stress about what to wear.
After the mass my fam & BF asked me what I wanted to do. I don't like being the center of attention so I said nothing. But it IS a special occasion so I decided to have my mom make one of my fave meals, Birria. I just wanted it to be my immediate fam, my one uncle and his fam and BF. My uncle will be my 'sponsor' its like godfather. Then I hear BF called my mom to let her know to make enough food for an extra 5 people... hmmm? I wonder who he is bringing. I told him I didn't want anyone else to be invited and mainly I was referring to my parents inviting other people.
Our families have not really had much interaction. My bro has met his sibs briefly and my mom met his dad and stepmom again briefly, but nobody in my fam has met his mom yet. Maybe that is who he is brining, I guess it had to happen sometime. Its not a big deal its just that we've been dating for almost 4 years and it's never happened so it might be awk-ward. Meh we'll see and I'll let y'all know.

NOW Sunday I'm going to volunteer at the L.A. Times Festival of Books! I LOOOOVE books and reading and all things related. This is a great event that has always been at UCLA (my alma mater) but this year and I guess for now on? will be at USC (our rival). I don't care about the rivalry and actually USC is closer, so I'm excited about that. I love to volunteer for my favorite causes, and maybe I'll meet some authors. A couple years ago I met Arriana Huffington among others.

On Monday I want to link up with Man Candy Monday and post. I have somebody super hot to share with you guys, I gotta figure out how to post pics and link and all that sophisticated bloggy stuff.
wish me luck.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Annoyed, Can't Get no help!

Geez! Its so hard to get any help from so called loved ones. Moving is a drag!
Its more of a drag when people who you do so much for are soooo busy (allegedly) they can't help you move. I try not to be a person who keeps tabs but it seems like anytime I need help or a favor people disappoint me. Trust me, I'm not tooting my own horn b/c that isn't my style but I really am very generous and helpful. Especially with my BF and brother, I've done sooo much for each of them!!

I will give credit where credit is due:
My BF gave me a few hours of his Saturday to help me move in the kitchen table, chairs, a lamp and some other random things.
My Bro and his friend gave about an hour of a Sunday morning to help move my bed & dresser.
Everything else I've done on my own and I'm glad. I like being able to take care of myself and not depend on anybody but unfortunately for bigger things I do need help.

The real struggle has been getting the couches in. I'm buying couches from a friend. She lives in Whittier, I now live in Alhambra. LA County traffic is nasty, duh. I need a truck to be able to move these things. My BF and bro both have trucks. Trying to coordinate for a time when my friend will be home and my 'helpers' available, also a drag. Then she said she'd leave us her key. BUT BF doesn't want to deal with traffic so he'd rather do it during the day. (He is unemployed, Bro works at a school so is on Spring Break). I left a key to my place and tried to coordinate getting the key to my friends place, but these boys keep changing plans, in other words flaking! I know this may seem like small potatoes to some but I was so frustrated I cried a little. I wanted to just forget it, who needs couches? BUT my friend is moving out of her place and needs to get rid of them and I had told her a long time ago I'd take them.... SO here we are, me venting to the blogosphere and planning to just hire people next time I need to move.
PS This is why one of my requirements while apartment hunting was that the big appliances be included.

Friday, April 22, 2011

On my own?

Hmm I find that now that I'm on my own I don't really know what to do with myself. Its just taking time to adjust I guess. I'm still VERY happy with the move but have so much to do to get organized and totally settled.

This weekend BF is out of town so in that sense I'm on my own. He, along with his daughter, brother & nephew, is visiting his Dad in Arizona for Easter. I decided not to tag along because I didn't want to take the time off from work. Then I was offered to work a few hours at the library on Saturday. I'm glad for the opportunity because extra cash always comes in handy!! So my plan for the weekend is go to church this evening with my mom and probably hang at her house since I don't have cable at mine yet :/ and the lame converter box doesn't work UGH

Tomorrow I'll sleep in, get up and get ready, go to work and then go to my place to do some more organizing. Sunday I'm taking my doggie to get her hair did at Petsmart and go to church again and probably hang at my mom's for a while.
Nothin special, just a laid back, relaxing and sorta productive weekend planned.
I'm supposed to get The Town delivered tomorrow so I'll probably watch that in the evening. Monday its back to the grind and then get to see BF in the evening I hope.
I tell ya, dating someone with kids is challenging but we deal.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

On my own

I moved out on my own this past weekend.

I'm almost 30 and had been feeling kinda lame about still living with my parents so I had been planning on doing so for a long long time. But, I live in LA and dayum rent is expensive. I'm a super frugal gal so I won't live beyond my means and I was getting real discouraged seeing craptastic places galore that were in my budget. There was also a debate with BF and I about potentially moving in together. Obviously splitting costs would make it more affordable but since he has a kid, we'd need 2 bedrooms and after a lot of back and forth with that I just found something on my own. I'm really glad I did, I love having my own space and peace & quiet. My family isn't rowdy, nor were we crowded in a tiny house but still. Its just better this way. Moving is a hassle and I'm not totally settled in yet but I'm already very comfortable.

I was concerned about my commute to work being longer but its not a big difference so that's great.

I've done most of my shopping for random things I needed at Ross, Dollar Tree and 99 cents store, but it adds up. I scored on a set of pots & pans for under $50 at JC Penney and picked up a few things at Target. I still need some furniture. So far I only have my bed & dresser in the bedroom and a table in the kitchen. The place had a fridge and stove in there which was one of my requirements. so that has been keeping me busy the last couple weekds and will continue to do so, but I'm very happy with this move. I will visit my family and pup often but not being there every day will improve our relationship I hope since there is less opportunity for me to be irritated and annoyed by the things that bother me.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stay Tuned

I'm such a bore... I haven't blogged in forevah! But I'm getting motivated, some changes have been going on in my life and I'm looking forward to sharing.