Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pledge to Read

In my random blog browsing I came accross this button that I have now added to my own blog. I wholeheartedly support this sentiment and would encourage others to do the same. I abvolutely LOVE to read!
Mostly I'm a fiction girl, but ocassionaly there is a non-fiction book that is good enough to keep my attention and also of course there are magazines & newspapers for keeping current. I used to work at a library and my favorite task would be processing new books into the collection in part because I love the smell of new books. On my first date with the BF he actually schockingly (to me at the time b/c I wouldn't expect any guy to and also to anyone who knows him)agreed to accompany me to a book signing. I love receiving and giving books as gifts, especially to babies/kids. Also, I love chatting with fellow book lovers about stuff we each have read getting and giving recommendations. So on that note I will recommend a book in case anyone ever reads this blog.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is a short, and I think highly relatable story. I think anyone from say middle school onward can appreciate the simplicity of this inspirational tale.
Since reading The Alchemist I have read several other works by this author and while I have enjoyed all, I do believe this is his best.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just my luck

Annoyance: Angelenos are pretty spoiled when it comes to weather. This week has brought some crazy storms. For a long time now I had thought about buying rain boots but figured it would be a waste.
Well today I have class. I have taken only online classes this past year and it just figures that the quarter I decide to go on campus coincides with the worst storm in recent history. Fingers crossed that a tornado doesn't hit right when I'm walking from the car to class.

Actually rain isn't so bad. I consider it cuddle weather. My cuddle buddy (BF) is out of town :(

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hello e-World!

I LOVE BLOGS! I read blogs all the time and occassionaly comment on them but had always considered myself too private/reserved to actually write a blog myself.
Well I'm giving it a shot. I figure I'll post a little and see how it goes.
I want to be able to vent a little to people I don't know and who won't judge. Well some of you may judge but that's OK since we don't actually know each other. And if you don't like the blog, just don't read it, easy peasy. The internet is great isn't it?
I'll just randomly share what I find amusing and also what annoys me. LOTS of stuff annoys me.
But also lots of stuff makes me happy, I have a great-ish family & BF, an awesometastic pup, and I'm relatively healthy and need to remember that I have lots to be thankful for and pleased with in life, so not all my posts will be about annoyances, (let's hope). So.... hello blogosphere, I have officially joined.