Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Annoyed, Can't Get no help!

Geez! Its so hard to get any help from so called loved ones. Moving is a drag!
Its more of a drag when people who you do so much for are soooo busy (allegedly) they can't help you move. I try not to be a person who keeps tabs but it seems like anytime I need help or a favor people disappoint me. Trust me, I'm not tooting my own horn b/c that isn't my style but I really am very generous and helpful. Especially with my BF and brother, I've done sooo much for each of them!!

I will give credit where credit is due:
My BF gave me a few hours of his Saturday to help me move in the kitchen table, chairs, a lamp and some other random things.
My Bro and his friend gave about an hour of a Sunday morning to help move my bed & dresser.
Everything else I've done on my own and I'm glad. I like being able to take care of myself and not depend on anybody but unfortunately for bigger things I do need help.

The real struggle has been getting the couches in. I'm buying couches from a friend. She lives in Whittier, I now live in Alhambra. LA County traffic is nasty, duh. I need a truck to be able to move these things. My BF and bro both have trucks. Trying to coordinate for a time when my friend will be home and my 'helpers' available, also a drag. Then she said she'd leave us her key. BUT BF doesn't want to deal with traffic so he'd rather do it during the day. (He is unemployed, Bro works at a school so is on Spring Break). I left a key to my place and tried to coordinate getting the key to my friends place, but these boys keep changing plans, in other words flaking! I know this may seem like small potatoes to some but I was so frustrated I cried a little. I wanted to just forget it, who needs couches? BUT my friend is moving out of her place and needs to get rid of them and I had told her a long time ago I'd take them.... SO here we are, me venting to the blogosphere and planning to just hire people next time I need to move.
PS This is why one of my requirements while apartment hunting was that the big appliances be included.

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