Friday, April 22, 2011

On my own?

Hmm I find that now that I'm on my own I don't really know what to do with myself. Its just taking time to adjust I guess. I'm still VERY happy with the move but have so much to do to get organized and totally settled.

This weekend BF is out of town so in that sense I'm on my own. He, along with his daughter, brother & nephew, is visiting his Dad in Arizona for Easter. I decided not to tag along because I didn't want to take the time off from work. Then I was offered to work a few hours at the library on Saturday. I'm glad for the opportunity because extra cash always comes in handy!! So my plan for the weekend is go to church this evening with my mom and probably hang at her house since I don't have cable at mine yet :/ and the lame converter box doesn't work UGH

Tomorrow I'll sleep in, get up and get ready, go to work and then go to my place to do some more organizing. Sunday I'm taking my doggie to get her hair did at Petsmart and go to church again and probably hang at my mom's for a while.
Nothin special, just a laid back, relaxing and sorta productive weekend planned.
I'm supposed to get The Town delivered tomorrow so I'll probably watch that in the evening. Monday its back to the grind and then get to see BF in the evening I hope.
I tell ya, dating someone with kids is challenging but we deal.

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