Wednesday, April 20, 2011

On my own

I moved out on my own this past weekend.

I'm almost 30 and had been feeling kinda lame about still living with my parents so I had been planning on doing so for a long long time. But, I live in LA and dayum rent is expensive. I'm a super frugal gal so I won't live beyond my means and I was getting real discouraged seeing craptastic places galore that were in my budget. There was also a debate with BF and I about potentially moving in together. Obviously splitting costs would make it more affordable but since he has a kid, we'd need 2 bedrooms and after a lot of back and forth with that I just found something on my own. I'm really glad I did, I love having my own space and peace & quiet. My family isn't rowdy, nor were we crowded in a tiny house but still. Its just better this way. Moving is a hassle and I'm not totally settled in yet but I'm already very comfortable.

I was concerned about my commute to work being longer but its not a big difference so that's great.

I've done most of my shopping for random things I needed at Ross, Dollar Tree and 99 cents store, but it adds up. I scored on a set of pots & pans for under $50 at JC Penney and picked up a few things at Target. I still need some furniture. So far I only have my bed & dresser in the bedroom and a table in the kitchen. The place had a fridge and stove in there which was one of my requirements. so that has been keeping me busy the last couple weekds and will continue to do so, but I'm very happy with this move. I will visit my family and pup often but not being there every day will improve our relationship I hope since there is less opportunity for me to be irritated and annoyed by the things that bother me.

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