Thursday, June 16, 2011

What's in a Name

I just read this post by the Shabby Princess and I was inspired to write a post of my own in response...

My name is Claudia, I like it a lot.
Different people have had different nicknames for me especially when I was younger.
The most common one from high school was Claud, pretty obvious. Then my ex started calling me claw and I didn't like it but he thought it was funny and it really caught on. He is SOOO not in the picture anymore but lots of people still call me that.

Anyway I also have a very unique last name which I really like. Although it gets mispronounced very often, I still LOVE my last name. My BF/Fiance/dude/whatever doesn't. His last name is super duper common. It's the Mexican equivalent of Smith or Jones or something like that. I used to think I want to keep my last name when we get married but I would want to have the same last name as my kids so who knows...

Speaking of kids, yes I totally think of kids names. Actually BF and I have already agreed on a name for a boy. If he had his way we would probably only have one kid, if any, and it would be a boy (he already has a girl). If I have my way, we will have two: a boy first and then a girl within a year or two.

The one thing that bums me out about my name is that I don't know of any songs with my name in it. So many girls I know have songs for them. My cousin Jenny has that 867-5309 song and probably some others. One of my besties Donna has "Oh Donna" by Ritchie Valens and she gets a shout out in that Sean Paul song "Shake that thing Ms. Donna Donna"...
So many girls names even some really random ones are in songs but not mine!! Well if it is I've never heard it, not in English or Spanish.

So my point is, that I will probably choose a girls name that is in a song that I like. I have some thoughts already but BF doesn't seem to like any names that I like. We'll figure it out when the time comes.

Also, whenever there are souvenirs or random knick-knacks at stores with names, they never have Claudia. Recently when BF and I visited Jerome, AZ I saw some really pretty bookmarks with Initials and they didn't even have "C". It's frustrating! Oh but they have BF's name in like 4 different variations: Rick, Ricky, Ricardo, Rich... Geez!

If you know of any songs with my name in it, Let me know!!


  1. I don't know any songs with the name Claudia, but, I looooove your name, it's one of my favorites! How did the place not have bookmarks with C?! That's crazy!

  2. I totally understand the name thing. My full first name is Ritalee (a combination of my mother's and grandmother's name) and as a kid I was never able to find my name on key chains, or coffee mugs while on vacation. I'm over it now but growing up it was such a bummer!