Monday, June 13, 2011

Not a Fairytale... oh well

Well as excited as I was about the engagement I only told a coworker and my therapist. We were going to keep quiet about it until we got the right ring.

BUT BF spilled the beans when he was drunk... oopsie!
We were at his cousin's wedding last weekend and he told one cousin and an aunt then I guess the news spread. This weekend his dad was in town and kept asking about the freakin ring, it got annoying. Geez it doesn't fit, relax!

Anyway his family now knows I guess but mine doesn't, nor do any of my friends.
It's not about other people though. Its about him and I and what it means to us. We don't like to make a big fuss out of things or attract alot of attention.

In other news, BFs daughter graduated 8th grade on Saturday. So the family got together to attend that and support her, it was nice... she seemed happy.
On Friday night one of BFs ex-classmates from grad school was in town (he's from SAudi Arabia) so we met up with him and hit up some bars in downtown LA. Before we met I used to go out alot in downtown after work. It was fun, and the drinks were tasty! We started off at Casey's for some appetizers then headed to Seven Grand which is a whisky bar with fun lodge-like decor and elaborate specialty drinks. We ended the night at the Association. I recommend these places for a good time in LA!!

OH and about the engagement... Since I'm an independent girl who is the furthest thing from a gold digger and want to be fair, I plan on buying my man a new watch of his choosing.

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  1. Well that's great that you had a good time with friends! I'll have to remember those places in LA!