Friday, May 20, 2011

Jerseycentric Boob Tube Babble

Good Morning All!

Remember I shared that since I'm super frugal I don't want to pay for cable at my new place?

Don't fret, I'm still able to stay current thanks to the cable & DVR at my mom's house. The parentals are on vacay this week so I've been staying at there to tend to my oh so high maintenance dog. (she's on a schedule for thyroid & liver disease meds and she's just not used to spending too much time alone)

Well This week's stay luckily coincides with the premieres of RH New Jersey & Jerseylicious.

Let's discuss...

NJ might be my fave housewives show, they are just so entertaining. So we have two new cast members and they are Teresa's relatives that she doesn't get along with. It seems to me like the women featured on these shows stop being "real" somewhere along the line. Caroline keeps it pretty real, but Jacqueline and Teresa and most of the women in the other cities get caught up in their pseudo celebriti-ness. Anyway, to me that seems to be the issue between Teresa and her family. Although I also suspect good old fashioned greed to be at the root of it. Greed for money and greed for fame and attention.

Maybe there is some sort of business partnership gone bad between Teresa's brother & husband. Her brother seems really jealous of the relationship between his father and Joe Guidice. This will all be pretty interesting.

Meanwhile, Caroline Manzo's boys are moving out. EEEEK!! She wants to die! How old are they? Alot of people might think this is odd, but I'm Mexican so I can relate. Lots of us stay in our parents house until we get married. Actually even then alot of people move their new spouse in with their parents.

The same issue came up on the Jerseylicious reunion.

Vivica Fox was hosting and asked Filipo & Lorenzo why they still live at home... I forgot what they said exactly but it was something along the lines of they like being taken care of. Then, Anthony mentioned he bought a house that connects to his mother's house. Tracy chimed in and said all her family live on the same block. Alexa, said "what is this? Everybody Loves Raymond?". I also love that show, btw.

Again, people may think it's odd but I totally get it! I guess that's something Italians & Mexican's have in common. Very very close families. Even if we are all annoyed by each other we can't go too long without spending time together. At least that's my experience and my opinion.

And I was so shocked about Gigi & Frankie not being together?? How did that happen? why!!
I wasn't as super sad about it as Vivica, but still.
At one point they were talking about haters online bashing some of the cast members. I figure any public figure deals with this but just now as I was searching for pictures to include in my post I saw some really nasty comments on the Style network site. Style should really monitor that and delete the inapporpriate things.

So that is my current boob tube update, I'm looking forward to see the drama on both these Jersey shows this season.
Go to the link up to what everybody else is watching... and Happy Weekend to all!

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  1. Love rhonj! Haven't watched it yet though. I watch jerseylicious when I get bored. They are crazy!!! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I don't watch much reality TV especially the Jersey related shows. I guess the whole "guido" thing is annoying to me since I live in NY and have dealt with it all my life. Funny since I'm Italian too.

  3. I havent watch the housewives of NJ but I wanna start