Friday, May 13, 2011

I Confess

I confess that I'm super frugal! Moreso than necessary. I've been resisting the extra expense of a smart phone because usually either at home or work or even at BFs house there is internet access. Can I afford it? absolutely! And soon I will convert.

Since I moved about a month ago, I haven't set up internet or cable at my new place. Yesterday I downloaded and started playing words with friends on my iPod touch. so much fun! I wished for a smart phone to keep up with my games when I wasn't near an internet signal. My contract with Verizon is ending in early June. Since BF is with Tmobile and I talk to him the most, I had been thinking about switching over, but I'm not so sure about their service.
I'm a little confused about the rules for words with friends... alot of times it rejects my attempts at a word, I don't know if it's because of placement or what. And people use some words I've never heard of! Do they use dictionaries? Either way, I'm into it. My username is clawgv if you want to play.

I also confess that I've been a total dud for too long. For a long time, it seemed like I had lost touch with all my friends. I would get discouraged when plans fell through and have a pity party thinking nobody liked me. Lately, I've been pretty busy first with moving, and then either volunteering or work on the weekends, family events and time with BF, but I'm really trying to arrange dates with friends. Its pretty lame when somebody doesn't have their own life outside of a relationship and I'm guilty of doing that for too long.
So on that note, I have plans to meet a friend after work to watch Something Borrowed. I'm so excited for this. Also, we have started a book club and chose "The Four Ms. Bradwells".
Tomorrow I'm supposed to hang with a friend after work. I hope BF doesn't feel too neglected :/

I hope everyone has a great weekend and stay tuned for my man candy post on Monday, I already chose my subject.

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