Thursday, May 19, 2011


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This is from Perfectly Imperfect

Current Book(s):
The Four Ms. Bradwells... haven't actually started yet but it's our first book club pick
Inspirations: Selections from Classic Literature
Also my therapist recommended The Five Love Languages so I'll be picking that up soon

Current Playlist:
Mary J. Blige playlist on Pandora

Current Color:

Current Drink:

Current Food:
A train mishap ruined my plans of meeting up w/BF for lunch :( so I grabbed a tuna sandwich instead

Current Favorite Show:
Mad Men!

Current Wishlist:
A new TV
smartphone (finally!!)
new sandals maybe these, but they're so expensive!
for my bookcase and TV cart to be built

Current Needs:
I need (& deserve) a promotion

Current Triumphs:
signing up for an aerobics class, next step... actually show up!

Current Bane(s) of my Existence:
hmmm well not quite current (yet, thank God) but I'm sure fireworks will start soon and they make my poor pup very scared & anxious I HATE it, and seriously they go on for months in my neighborhood

Current Celebrity Crush:
Paul Rudd, I just saw "How Do You Know" the other day... he is adorable (but akward) in it

Current #1 Blessing:
My health and that of my loved ones

Current Indulgence:
I may have some ice cream this evening

Current Outfit:
brown slacks from JCPenney, aqua & white striped sweater from Target and my everyday work shoes: crocs ballet flats

Current Excitement:
Memorial weekend trip with BF to Sedona, AZ

Current Mood:


  1. Heyy my summer swap me at jennifercepero11@gmail dot com so we can find out each others info for the swap. Also if you have any requests on things you like.

  2. Oh Paul Rudd! He is so adorable!