Thursday, February 4, 2010

Not so Hot

Some background on me: I'm 28 and have a decent job, but this is not where I saw myself when I graduated college. I expected bigger and better for myself.
Hence, I am taking graduate business courses. Business is not exactly my cup of tea but I'm doing it to make myself more marketable.

I started off working toward a Business Management Certificate which consists of 7 courses. So far I've taken 5 including Management, CIS, Marketing, Statistics and Econ. I wanted to try this out first and decide whether or not to pursue and MBA. The verdict, highly unlikely. I've done well enough so far but I'm just not into it.

Now, on to the not so hot part of the post:
This quarter I'm taking Finance. Yesterday we had a quiz and I didn't do so well. I often get discouraged and think that taking these courses will do me no good and I'll be stuck as an assistant forever. The BF usually makes me feel better and just tells me to be patient and what not. I know that in this economy and particularly in super competitive Los Angeles I am lucky to even have a job. My job is good and I do acknowledge that but like I said, I want bigger and better.
Therefore I will try to do much better on next week's midterm. Wish me luck blogosphere... thx!

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