Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Today I started therapy... well not according to my therapist, she says today was an evaluation and our sessions will start next week.

Either way it is a pretty big step for me. I have issues, (who doesn't) and I'm doing something about it! I'm proud of myself and looking forward to an improvement in my emotional well-being.

Alot of people consider blogging therapy, and sure I sometimes do it to vent to. Sometimes I notice the blogosphere can be very supportive of others, but even still I think I need a professional. I think alot of people can benefit from therapy. There is still a sort of stigma against therapy although I know alot of people think of it as no big deal (as I do). I recently read an article in Glamour about anxiety and just how common it is. I already knew I may have it or at least some symptoms of it by then but it was reassuring that Glamour was putting it out there and raising awareness, encouraging their readers to seek help if they needed it. Going to therapy does not mean that I am crazy or anybody else who goes is crazy.

Talking to friends or family can help, but sometimes you just need to vent and not worry about offending anybody. I think the blog is a great avenue for this. I don't want to offend any readers either but what I mean is that you don't know me, I don't know you so if we understand each other great, but if we don't that's OK too. Times are tough, I'm kinda having a quarter life crisis and I worry alot about sooo many things. If anybody reading this thinks they may have anxiety, depression or other emotional issues that could benefit from seeking treatment with a therapist I encourage you to do your research. You will realize that these problems are very common, and are treatable. I pondered taking this step for several months and made an appointment once I found a therapist that I thought would fit my needs and be understanding about my background. I'm looking forward to being able to relax, sleep better and improved relationships with my loved ones among other benefits.

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